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The one-of-a-kind IU Learn app, available for both Android and iOS, is your do-it-all online learning application. Get 24/7 access to all your study materials – videos, lecture notes, quizzes, and podcasts – and study whenever you want, wherever you are. 

Think of the app as your personal digital library. It contains all the courses you’re taking, which are automatically updated in the app once you’ve enrolled to them via myCampus. 

The online learning application is designed not only to make your studies flexible and comfortable, but also optimised – we created it to help you maximise your learning experience and give you the best opportunity to successfully complete each course. 

Studying online is anything but boring or predictable. For many students, it works better than traditional university studies, as the focus is on you and your own personal needs as a student. 

Forget everything you know about studying, and let the IU Learn app revolutionise how you study. See how the app solves some of the most common challenges you’ll face as a student: 

Want to experience the IU Learn app firsthand, and get a taste of what being an online student is really like? Get in touch with our study advisors for a free demo. 

How should I plan my studies with the Learn app?

That’s easy – for each course, the coursebook takes care of the planning for you. You’ll find the coursebook of each course you’re enrolled on in the learning application: easy to access and navigate. The book also remembers you where when you left the app, so you can jump back into the last topic you studied. 

The course materials are divided into small units, ideally designed for an easy- to- digest learning process, with plenty of exercises along the way. When you start each coursebook, you get a detailed breakdown of the study goals for the entire course, and then for each section. 

As you start, you have an overview of all the videos in the course, which are linked both directly in the material and in a standalone list that you can access whenever you want. 

You’ll also see a list of all the quizzes you have, and the table of contents lets you prepare your schedule in advance – you can plan how much time you want to dedicate for each section. 

How should I study with the learning application to get the best results?

That’s completely up to you – only you know what’s the right way to study for you. But we can offer a tip: you should highlight and summarise as you read through your coursebook. 

In fact, highlighting and note-taking is such a useful tool, that we made it extra special for you. The Learn app lets you highlight different texts by categories, such as what’s most important, what you should go back to or what you should memorise. 

Use all of the features of the app to really maximise your learning experience, so you don’t waste time on reading without understanding. 

Follow the coursebook structure, use the quizzes, flashcards, videos, and notes as you go, and finish each course with confidence

How will I know if I’m on the right track?

The course materials are split into easy-to-follow study units, and include small quizzes at the end of each unit. 

The quizzes are a quick and straightforward way for you to test your knowledge. Make sure you’re following the course material properly by answering them successfully – you have as many attempts as you need. With the quizzes you’ll get immediate feedback for your answers, so you’ll know you’re on the right track! 

Having a difficult time with one of the questions? You can either use the additional course reading materials to expand your knowledge, or reach out to your course tutor for help. 

How can I memorise the material?

The Learn app features flashcards, where you can test your knowledge or help yourself memorise material and facts. Set up your own flashcards so you have all the most important topics in one place, where you can easily go through them. 

By practicing the flashcards on a regular basis, you’ll make sure that you’re on track with your studies, and that you’re not missing on any important information as you learn new topics

It’s also a great way to study with other students, who you can chat with through your Microsoft Teams account. Just use the flashcards to quiz each other, and see which topics you need to spend more time on. 

Can I combine different study formats and tools?

Yes! The IU Learn app offers something for every type of learner: whether you prefer videos, podcasts, or reading, most courses offer a combination of different study formats for you to work with. 

The focus will always be on reading materials, but the videos and other multimedia files will enhance your learning, develop topics and themes, and give you another tool to work with. 

The videos in each coursebook are meant to enhance and support your learning experience, offering extra information and clarification of key terms in a short and easy to follow way. 

A key feature of the videos is the visual presentation of some topics, so you have real-world examples of theoretical concepts. This is especially helpful for the more abstract topics, in courses that deal heavily with mathematical and scientific formulas. 

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Can I decide how and when to study?

Your course materials are easily available for you anytime, anywhere, through the learning application. No need to carry around heavy books or worry about forgetting to return them to the library on time. Use technology to your advantage, that’s the whole point of studying online! 

Download your coursebooks so they’re available offline, and you can study on your morning journey to work or on your lunch break. Many of our students recommend using the flashcards to practice key topics throughout the day, just for a few minutes at a time. 

To make things even more simple, the materials and the app synchronise easily across all of your devices, so you don’t have to carry your laptop or tablet around everywhere – just use your phone if that’s more convenient. Use the learn app to ace your studies with ease: we designed it to help you do just that! 

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Personal counselling
Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors.