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MyStudies: Blended Learning in Germany

IU’s on-campus degree programmes,  

Offered in our unique myStudies format,  

Are an upgraded version of traditional studies. 

Read on to learn what that means. 

Build the career of your dreams

Apply by 25th April and save up to €1444 on your on-campus tuition!   

Build the career of your dreams

Apply by 25th April and save up to €1444 on your on-campus tuition!   

The best of both worlds: combining online and in-person learning

If you’re looking for a traditional university experience, where:  

  • Most of your studies are done on campus 
  • You have to attend boring lectures all day long 
  • And a typical classroom is a giant hall full of people. 

Well, we can offer you something better

Introducing myStudies: a blended study format that offers -  

  • The flexibility of studying independently 
  • The comfort of learning with a full digital stack 
  • The fun of being a student in an intimate campus environment 
  • The guidance of tutors on a weekly basis 
  • And the ease of a degree that matches your needs. 

It’s a study format that adds online learning elements to in-person teaching, but not as after-though or a bonus – but as an integral part that enhances your learning.

What is blended learning?

Most university degrees can be divided into two categories – campus studies and online studies

Think of blended studies as a combination of the two, carefully planned to enhance the features of each category so they complement each other and offer the ideal learning experience for students who can commit to attending tutorials on campus and studying independently during the rest of their time. 

With blended learning, you can focus and expand your knowledge in class only on the topics that benefit from a classroom discussion. 

What’s best designed to study independently, is carried out fully online, on your own schedule.  

That way, you get to experience the best of both worlds - flexibility and structure – and learn in an optimal way, that matches modern-day demands from students. 

German quality promise

All programmes are state accredited and recognized internationally. That's why 100,000+ students have put their trust in IU.

Kickstart your career in Europe

Benefit from 18-month post study job seeker’s visa as an IU student learning on campus and begin your career in Germany.

100% Flexibility

With IU you choose what, how and where you study. And depending on your preferred study format you can even start your first step towards your new career right away.

94% Job success

Our practice-oriented study programmes prepare you for your future career. This is why 94% of IU graduates find a job within 3 months after graduation.

myStudies: what you get with IU’s upgraded on-campus model

Start your academic journey at IU by choosing the degree you want to study, the campus in Germany you want to study at – Berlin or Bad Honnef - and your desired intake date: we offer up to 4 intakes per year. 

Once you get to Germany, we’ll help you settle in with our orientation week

If you choose to come to Bad Honnef, we can offer you student accommodation in our student dorms. You’ll need to sign up in advance because spots are limited.  

We do not offer student accommodation in Berlin for the time being. 

Starting your upgraded campus programme

When your studies begin, you’ll get access to our full suite of digital tools: 

You’ll be using these tools daily, and combining them with tutorials on campus, which you’ll have 2-3 days per week (depending on your semester and course load). 

The tutorials are the perfect place to meet your fellow students, as they’re small and allow room for everyone to participate. Use your breaks to grab a coffee or lunch, form study groups, and exchange tips for life in Germany. 

Use myCampus to navigate and track your study progress and talk to your tutors and professors. Thanks to Syntea and the IU Learn app, the parts of your studies you’ll need to do independently you can do anytime, anywhere while getting immediate feedback to any of your questions. 

On-campus learning: a summary

  • A mix of online self-study and learning on campus (2-3 days per week) in Germany
  • Full time only
  • 2-4 intakes per year – programme dependent
  • Pre-set study sequence with some flexibility online
  • All programmes taught in English

Other perks:

  • Free online German language course
  • Online career services, job listings platform & virtual networking events
  • Internship module (optional)
  • 18-month post-study visa eligibility

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Why study in Germany?

Germany is considered one of the top study destinations in the world and one of the best providers of education. The IU international campuses in Berlin and Bad Honnef are intimate, welcoming, and easily accessible to all students.   

You’ll have plenty of space to study, meet other students, talk to your professors, and socialise. Experience the German hustle and bustle in Berlin or enjoy the idyllic way of living in Bad Honnef – either way, you’ll have a full and rich international student experience in Germany.   

Benefits of learning in Germany:   

  • High-quality learning in an international environment    
  • Experience a new city and the German lifestyle    
  • Networking with international students    
  • Enjoy a structured way of learning with lots of flexibility   
  • Study rooms to concentrate and revise for exams  
  • Option to join sports clubs and associations    

Berlin Campus

International, dynamic, and progressive, Berlin is set to become Europe’s leading start-up hub and entrepreneurial capital. With a multinational population of around 3.5 million, the city is a powerhouse for networking and collaboration.

The IU campus is right in the heart of Berlin, with around 2000 students studying in the cultural hotspot. Students have access to libraries and facilities across the city and we are happy to support in finding accommodation in Berlin.   

Bad Honnef Campus

The picturesque town of Bad Honnef is situated in North Rhine-Westphalia, one of Germany’s most beautiful regions. It offers amazing scenery, and the cultural centres of Cologne and Bonn are just 30 minutes away by train.

The IU campus offers the most modern facilities housed in a mixture of historic and contemporary buildings. There is WiFi across campus, bars and restaurants for students to relax, and many sports clubs and societies for students to join. With IU's student accommodation, you’ll quickly feel at home in Germany.   

Access our exclusive career services

From the day you enrol at IU, we’re dedicated to helping you fulfil your professional goals. The IU Career Services team will support you with exclusive initiatives such as:  

  • Our job listings platform  
  • Live job interview training 
  • Networking events  
  • 1-on-1 career coaching 
  • Help with writing your CV 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Ready to apply? Here’s what to you need to do

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Sign your study contract

Receive a non-binding study contract via email, sign it, and return it to us. This allows us to start your admissions process.

Document check & campus registration fee

Upload the required documents and pay the one-time €1500 campus registration fee

Receive Letter of Admission

With the Letter of Admission, you can apply for a student visa* at your Embassy. We do not help with the visa application, but we’re happy to clarify any questions you have.

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