How Online Studies Work at IU
Study your degree, your way, online

Want to find out all about how online studies work at IU? Do you have questions about how you’ll study, what you’ll learn, and the value of doing your degree online at IU? Here’s a list of what makes studying your degree at IU different from - and for many students with a full-time job, a family, and other obligations, better than - other forms of university education, including traditional, in-person courses and other online universities. 

Study 100% online, from start to finish

At IU, you can do everything you’ll ever need to do to study your degree 100% online, from filling out your application form to graduation. That includes studying all your course modules, taking your exams and submitting your degree thesis, so you can learn anytime, anywhere, any way you choose, all thanks to your internet connection. 

Digital Learning Platform

Get access to and manage your studies 100% online with myCampus...

Online Learning Application

Interact with all your study materials across all devices via the IU Learn App...

24/7 online exams

Book and take your exams online, whenever you want, wherever you want...

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Personal AI Learning Partner

Optimise your studies with Syntea, IU's custom-built AI tutor.

Got any other questions about your online study journey?

Our study advisors are waiting to answer all your questions via WhatsApp, e-mail, or personal video consultation.

Study your way with asynchronous learning

Asynchronous learning is on-demand education that is free from real-time timetables, schedules, or limitations, so you can study your online degree at IU at your own pace, when it suits you best, your way. That means asynchronous learning is much more flexible than synchronous classes, which may be available online or in-person, but require you to follow a fixed schedule. 

Not sure if asynchronous learning is right for you? Consult our guide which covers the advantages and disadvantages of online classes. 

Start anytime, study on your own time

You can start studying your online degree at IU whenever you want, as there are no fixed start or end dates, student intakes, or term times. You can also choose the study model that suits you best, from full time to part-time options, so you can organise your online studies around your life, work, and other obligations

You can even pause your studies for up to 12 months, if you need to, because we know that, sometimes, plans change. 

An innovative, career-focused experience

IU International University of Applied Sciences has a practical approach to learning, so you can be sure the skills you learn when you study your degree online will apply to real-world challenges.  

Our online learning methodology uses interactive tools and focuses on case studies to combine theoretical knowledge with professional applications and help you develop your career. 

Upgrade your studies with our Intensive Live Sessions

Each course you take offers monthly live sessions with your tutor and fellow students. As a rule, the sessions are 120 minutes long (though variations are possible depending on course contents), and cover all the course materials. It’s a great chance for you to check your progress, ask any questions, and meet other students from your programme.

To make sure the sessions fit your schedule, no matter what, they’ll always be recorded – so you can access them whenever you want, even if you’re not able to attend.

Each monthly session covers the same material, so you only need to watch or attend it once. But you can of course do it more often: the choice is all yours.

Want to start today? Test 1 month for free!

Let your curiosity be your guide and test any Online Studies programme you like — no strings, no charges. Simply apply for your Online Study programme, unlock your access and get to your studies!

*The 1 month trial is only available for IU’s Online Studies programmes
*If you decide not to study at IU, all you have to do is cancel your trial. Just make sure to do so within the first 30 days

Join the IU Community

When you study your degree online at IU, you’re joining a global community of over 100,000 students and alumni from more than 150 countries around the world.  

You’ll be a part of a vibrant university, where you’ll be in contact with study advisors, study coaches, professors, and tutors to assist you with all your academic questions. 

And if you need help at any time during your studies, you can just ask IU’s Student Office and Exams Office, as well as our Career Office and Alumni Office for advice beyond graduation. 

Do your friends face the same challenges as you with full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and other commitments that leave little time for further studies? 

Share IU and make their day! With IU, they can discover educational opportunities that perfectly align with their busy schedules, just like yours.

High-Quality, Top-Level Education

At IU, our vision is that everybody has access to education to grow. We are a European university, founded in Germany and with a global outlook, that offers officially accredited degrees and is committed to providing students with high-quality online education, wherever you may be in the world. 

All the value, all-inclusive fees

At IU, we know access to education means making the cost of learning as affordable as possible. That’s why we offer a range of bursaries, discounts, and scholarships to help with your tuition fees and give as many people as possible the opportunity to study online and grow, personally and professionally.

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Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors. You can also find information about the application process under our Become a Student page.

Personal counselling
Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors.